Inviting all young individuals aged 12-18 to participate in The 5 Senses of Your Geopark’ contest.

This is an opportunity to express your sensory experiences unique to your Geopark. Listen to the sounds that define your mornings, unique to your territory. Inhale the smells that transport you to a different place when you close your eyes. Capture the sights that bring a smile to your face. Relish the local tastes that make you salivate, be it dishes, plants, or drinks. Feel the textures that are so familiar, they instantly tell you where you are.

This contest is not about winning, but about cherishing your relationship with your Geopark. We invite you to express this bond through your writing. Let your words narrate your sensory journey through the Geopark.

Are you ready to embark on this sensory exploration? Let’s appreciate the beauty of our Geoparks together. This is your platform to share your unique perspective with the world. Immerse yourself, let your senses lead the way, and let your words weave your narrative.


Discover the unique flavors of your Geopark. Is it the tangy burst of wild berries, the soothing sip of spring water, or the comforting warmth of a local dish? Capture the essence of your Geopark through taste and share your delicious discoveries with the world. Let your taste buds guide you on this flavorful journey. The ‘Taste’ of your Geopark awaits you!


Close your eyes and breathe in the unique scent of our Geopark. The sweet fragrance of blooming flowers, the fresh aroma of rain-kissed grass, the tantalizing whiff of local dishes. Each smell paints a vivid picture of our rich heritage. What’s the smell that defines our Geopark for you? Share the scent that transports you to our beautiful landscapes and makes our Geopark truly home.


Open your eyes to the beauty of our Geopark. The breathtaking landscapes, the charm of old buildings, the delicate flowers, the magical rainbows. Each sight brings a smile to your face. What’s the view that makes our Geopark special for you? Share the vision that fills your heart with joy and makes our Geopark a place of wonder and delight.


Listen to the symphony of your Geopark. The patter of rain, the morning song of a bird, the roar of a waterfall, the nocturnal whispers of wildlife. Each sound is a morning alarm in our land. What’s the sound that wakes you up in our Geopark? Share the auditory experience that resonates with our vibrant landscapes and makes your Geopark an acoustic paradise.


Experience our Geopark through touch. The feel of a plant leaf, the roughness of a unique rock, the weave of local textiles. Each texture is a signature of our land. What’s the touch that whispers ‘you’re in our Geopark’? Share the tactile experience that roots you in our diverse landscapes and makes our Geopark a sensory journey.